How It Works?

Utilizing Cortica's leading autonomous artificial intelligence, Juno’s high accuracy perception system identifies all behavior types to provide children a truly safe environment. 

Normal Patterns Clustering

JUNO doesn’t require any pre-trained models. It works autonomously to cluster daily routine activities and behavior patterns such as meal time, group activities and nap time.

Alerts On Abnormal Events

By fully understanding what is considered ‘normal behavior’

it is capable of identifying deviations from this base line. When abnormal events like hostile interactions are identified, it is recognized immediately allowing quick real-time alerts for effective supervision. New events are also classified and learned so future occurrences will be alerted accordingly.

Autonomous AI

Cortica’s Autonomous AI is a highly advanced artificial intelligence system that learns on its own in real-time, interacts with the real world and collaborates with other machines. 

Based upon proprietary brain research, the AI platform is modeled on actual neuron activity and learning mechanisms occurring in the mammal brain. 

This technology has been developed for over 10 years and is backed by more than 200 patents. 
To learn more about the underlying Autonomous AI technology visit Cortica.com